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Tips for Keeping your Yard Thriving in the Summer Heat

The rising temperatures in the summer can terrorize your grass over the course of the season. Between the heat and the fewer rain showers, your lawn can easily end up brown and dry. Here are a few tips to help keep your lawn green and beautiful all summer long.

Handle With Care

Treat summer grass much more gently than you would spring lawns. If possible, avoid walking on the grass frequently, and clean up any litter or animal droppings immediately. Control any weeds on the lawn to limit stressors to the grass. Weed killer products are designed to protect your grass while targeting certain weeds. You can also pull weeds by hand.

Raise the Blade Height

A common mistake is homeowners tend to cut their grass too short during the summer. On average, lawn height during high heat months should be three inches. This allows for the lawn to become more resistant to hot and dry weather conditions. Instead of trashing grass clippings after mowing, use them as mulch to help your lawn stay healthy.

Get Rid of Grubs

During the early to mid-summer months, certain types of beetles lay eggs that eventually become grubs. They could wreak havoc on your lawn as they eat their way through your grass. Putting down grub control is a proactive way to protect your lawn during the summer.

Time the Feeding

Don’t get lawn feed during peak temperatures in the summer. Instead, feed your lawn before the temperature gets too hot. Also, feed your lawn again as soon as the weather cools and we have significant rainfall.

Choose Organic Fertilizers

Organic fertilizers are ideal for summer lawns. They have slow-releasing formulations to prevent burning your grass. On the other hand, chemical fertilizers could worsen your lawn’s conditions and prove potentially harmful to the environment.

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