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When to Know It's Time for A Maintenance Checkup

You love your car because it takes you wherever you need to go. That's why it's important that you maintain it as best you can. It's not always easy to know when to have it checked. Here are four things that indicate it is time for maintenance.


Mileage is a very good indicator of the health of your car. Cars over 100,000 miles need more care and attention. Cars with more miles need oil changes more often. Newer models require synthetic oils making the need to change less frequent than before. In either case, paying attention to your mileage will help you determine when it's to get maintenance.

Warning Indicators

It may seem a bit obvious, but everyone gets busy and it can be easy to forget. The indicator lights are helpful tools and serve as friendly reminders. It will alert you when your tire pressure is low or if it's time for an oil change. It will also indicate if there is an electrical issue or if you need to check your engine. Pay attention to these lights, and don't ignore them.

Visual inspection

You know your car better than anyone else, so you are likely to know if something is wrong first. It's a good idea to check the tires every day before driving it to ensure the tires aren't low. Look for any exposed threading or low tread. Regularly inspecting the car will save you the headache of a flat tire later.

Dying Battery

When is the last time you had your battery replaced? If you notice the headlights are dim after ignition and brighten with acceleration, it could indicate a weak battery. Replace your battery every three to five years, or sooner if you see any of the signs listed above.

Even checking all that you do, you can't be expected to know everything. Bring your car into our experts at Hometown Tire and Service today and we'll do a full inspection and give you a professional diagnostic to ensure your car is in good shape.

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