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What to Do If My Tires or Brakes Squeak

What to Do If My Tires or Brakes Squeak

As you drive down the road, you may hear various noises coming from different parts of your vehicle. Some noises are normal, while others should alert you that it’s time to visit the mechanic for a tune-up. If you hear sounds coming from the brakes or tires, your safest bet is to swing by an auto repair shop to be sure that you are able to stop, slow, and turn your vehicle safely. Here’s a closer look at the steps to take when you hear squeaking noises when you hit the brakes.

Check Your Tire Tread

Worn-out tire tread or uneven wear of the tires can reduce your tires’ grip on the road, causing them to squeal or squeak when you slow down. You should always keep an eye on the tread of your tires, and be sure to have the alignment checked and tires rotated to keep them wearing down at the same rate.

Have Your Brakes Checked

Occasional noise is normal for your brakes, especially if you need to come to a sudden stop and slam on the brakes. If the noise becomes more consistent, however, you may need to get your brake pads replaced. Brake pads are designed to make noise as they wear down so that you do not get to a point where there is no padding left in your braking system.

Pay Attention to the Conditions

A high-pitched squealing noise coming from your brakes may be alarming, but if this only happens when the brakes are cold and it’s humid and cold outside, it may be normal. This is especially common with compact cars, since they feature harder brake pads with more metal components.

For all the care your car needs to address any odd sounds, head to Hometown Tire & Service. This St. Paul auto shop offers small town service right in the city, and they can provide comprehensive service for safer driving. Call them at (651) 450-0535 to schedule an appointment.

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