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When To Hire a Professional Plumber

When it comes to your plumbing, the temptation is to make repairs yourself. This is a good idea for smaller jobs, but for others your best bet is to hire a professional plumber. People who are untrained may cause more damage and end up with much higher final repair costs..

Jobs You Can Do Yourself

Most plumbing jobs that you can take care of are outside of your walls. People can follow the directions with kits to install a new faucet, or replace a washing machine hose. Replacing hardware or fixing a wobbly toilet often do not require a professional. Keep in mind that for even smaller repairs you must know when and where to turn off the water supply or any power connections. Also understand that without a professional, you may miss other problems that actually led to the problem you fixed, meaning even more repairs in the future.

When to Get a Professional Plumber

  • Problems Behind Walls - An experienced plumber can identify issues affecting sinks and showers and knows which walls to open in order to make repairs.
  • Outdoor Plumbing - Plumbing problems that are caused by outdoor factors such as tree roots or earth shifts result in big jobs that should be handed by a professional. These issues can affect the major water lines and affect your entire home.
  • Remodeling - If you are putting in a new kitchen or bathroom, you may need permits to move or expand your plumbing. A professional plumber can help with permits and make sure the new connections are installed properly.
  • Emergencies - Always call professional plumbers to deal with issues such as a broken hot water heater or excessive leaking in your home. They can identify the problem and recommend a course of action based on issues an amateur won't spot.

If you need a professional, reach out to the experts at Red Wing Plumbing & Heating at 651-388-9692, or visit us at 1615 Old W Main St, Red Wing, MN. Visit our website to view a list of our home and commercial services.

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