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Benefits of Sealcoating

The lifespan of a tarmac pavement can be lengthened through regular maintenance. Some of the hazards that affect these asphalt pavements include chemicals, harsh weather, and salt deposits. If you properly maintain your asphalt pavement, a large sum replacement money will be saved which makes it economically viable. The most cost-effective way of protecting your asphalt pavement is by seal coating it. Some of the benefits of seal coating include:

Maximum Protection

Sealcoating your asphalt pavements or parking lot will slow down the oxidation process and also prevents water penetration. Oxidation is brought about by harmful Ultra Violet rays from the sun which dries up the binders and essential oil. This makes the tarmac fragile and more susceptible to cracking. On the other hand, when water penetrates the tarmac, it destroys the base hence leading to failure of the tarmac.


A well-maintained asphalt pavement beautifies the environment and makes it more attractive to visitors. In a business scenario, the first impression created by a seal coated driveway will be pleasing to your prospective customers making them want to be associated with your business.

Guarantees Safety and frees you from Liability

Having a well-maintained driveway will ensure that there will be no accidents caused by asphalt defects. In some instances, unmaintained pavements may have huge cracks and potholes which often lead to accidents. If such accidents occur on your property, then it will attract some liability which can be very expensive. You can avoid such liabilities by ensuring that your pavements and driveways are seal coated.

Boosts Savings

By conducting regular pavement and driveway maintenance, you will extend the life of your asphalt pavement with up to more than ten years. Practically, the average lifetime of unmaintained asphalt pavement is approximately ten years, but upon seal coating your asphalt pavements and driveways, you can raise the lifetime to 25 years. This will also protect you from the costly re-tarmacking process.

Asphalt pavements, driveways, and parking lots are very important when it comes to efficient and comfortable movements. If you have tarmacked driveways or pavements, it is imperative that you consider seal-coating them so as to double their lifetime. For the best sealcoating deals, you should consider visiting Trueseal America, where you'll find a great selection of services that will protect you from avoidable accidents.

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